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5 Things Public Relations Can Do For Your Business

You may think that public relations (PR) is not a top priority for your business right now. Yet the business scene in Southeast Asia is booming and competitive--and telling your brand story and building your presence through PR can help set your business apart from the rest.

Public relations is crucial for both small and big companies alike in helping build and maintain trust and credibility. An excellent communications strategy will benefit your brand in building its brand identity, growing consumer trust, and helping drive larger returns.

Before you decide to hire a public relations team or agency, there are some things that need to be set in place. Having the budget, the time, and specifically outlined goals are crucial in helping you employ and maintain a PR team--whether you’re hiring an external agency or in-house. Before getting into the ways PR can help you achieve your goals, here are some signs that your brand may be ready to hire a public relations team.

4 Signs Your Business May Benefit From PR Help

1. You have a great product but you have no idea how to spread the word

You may have a winning product in your hands, but your team is struggling to kick off an effective campaign. A PR firm can help devise your campaign, including strategy, messaging, and tapping the right media partners.

2. As a business owner, CEO, or Marketing Head, you are stretched too thin.

If you find yourself constantly fielding media or influencer requests instead of fulfilling your main responsibilities, it might be time to get some PR help. While it can be exciting handling your own relationships, a professional PR team will know the right media outlets, journalists, and influencers aligned with your brand’s target audience.

3. You know your USP, target audience, and brand story.

Do you have an established target market? Do you know your brand’s unique selling point (USP)? Do you know your brand story by heart? Your brand may be ready to hire a PR team. New businesses can still be in the process of figuring out their identity, as the brand core values evolve and main offerings develop--a PR team can help you further refine your message, even in its early stages.

4. Your internal teams spread conflicting messages about the brand.

Public relations does not only concern itself with purely external affairs; it can help shape and strengthen internal messaging and communications as well. Various divisions within your company may be going rogue with their own messaging that could be causing harm to your brand and its consumers. A PR team shapes your brand messaging, and ensures that this is cascaded to everyone in the team.

5 Things Public Relations (PR) Can Do For Your Business

1. PR helps develop your brand identity.

You may know your brand to the core, but a public relations team can help you position your brand better in public to gain customer recognition and create an identity that stands out.

2. PR augments your marketing strategy.

Public relations helps build consumer awareness and creates a positive image for your brand. Instead of just hard-selling to your customers, PR works by delivering content and messaging that provides real value to your audience, boosting your reputation.

3. Public relations helps your brand navigate a crisis.

Even with best intentions, sometimes your brand might experience some unwanted media attention. When your brand faces a public crisis, public relations experts can help you wade through the storm and come up with a plan that addresses the situation.

4. PR helps strengthen your digital efforts.

From social media management to developing digital strategies, the world of public relations continues to change. Competent public relations teams know how to keep innovating in order to never lose sight of your audience. These include reaching out to thought leaders and conducting influencer engagement that add credibility to your brand.

5. A solid reputation can help your business win bigger returns.

A reputable brand with a positive and credible image not only prevents problems; it helps win people’s confidence. Whether you’re looking to increase your sales or create investor interest, a solid reputation increases potential business opportunities.

Looking for the right PR partner to give your brand a boost?

A PR agency can be extremely helpful for your brand if you do not have a designated PR specialist, or if you need help localising your PR efforts from a regional or global perspective such as reaching out to local media or influencers. Hiring a public relations firm to handle your PR needs can help you maximise your budget, with a specialised group that understands the local media landscape and is equipped to deliver high-performance results. A team of highly experienced professionals will be dedicated to your brand, who can provide you with honest, no-nonsense advice and perspective on the ground.

Whether you’re a large company or a small enterprise, public relations will definitely give your brand a boost and support your targets.


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