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5 Ways to Ensure a Successful Media Event

New product or service along the way? One of the ways to create awareness for your latest campaign and ensure wide reach is through staging a media event. With the easing of restrictions in most of the world and the long-awaited return of in-person events, a media event is one of the quickest ways to meet and greet media contacts, strengthen media relations and spread the word about your campaign.

On top of that, as hybrid affairs continue to become the norm, public relations (PR) professionals and event planners have stretched their creativity beyond physical press conferences to include virtual media junkets and online launches.

Why a Media Event is Important For Your Brand

A media event helps to achieve brand awareness and build trusted relationships with consumers, whether you are a newly founded start-up or an established company launching a new product. With events a dime a dozen each week, your event will need to stand out, create news value, and provide real opportunities for your target audience to connect with your offering.

But planning a press event goes beyond simply booking a venue (or setting up a Zoom link), and deciding on the date and time. Brands must be on the lookout for two things: the media turnout and post-event content.

Needless to say, every brand manager or PR executive wants a good turnout from the press. Yet, gauging your event’s success is not just about ticking off every name on the guest list. You want powerful, impactful post-event stories that effectively shape the conversation around your brand and its latest offering. And with the right PR agency, your brand can leverage the most high-value media partners that resonate with your audience.

While it’s one thing to worry about whether journalists will show up to your event, it’s another to think about whether they can sense an interesting story. If you have reserved a calendar date, booked your guest speakers, and prepared your media database, here are five other ways to ensure that your media event is a success.

5 Tips to Create a Successful Media Event

Come up with a story hook.

Put yourself in a journalist’s shoes. Your event must be able to answer the question, “How does this event coverage provide value to readers?” This can help you better plan the event’s theme and activities. You can also pitch irresistible story angles to reporters in advance when you send them a pre-event press release – either by assuring them of a scoop, or by promising more details during the actual event.

Send invites to the right outlets.

This goes without saying– not every media outfit is the right fit for your press event. It can be tempting to blast invites to as many media partners as possible to cast the widest net, but ultimately curating a media list provides the best payoff for your brand in terms of reach and impact. It is important to keep your audience as well as your brand’s relevance in mind. Curate your invite list based on how apt each outlet is for your target audience.

Make sure all logistical details are in place.

Once you have locked in your guest list, go over your event details and logistics a few more times. Better to be safe than sorry and avoid things going awry at the last minute. It is essential to secure a smooth experience for your media guests.

A checklist will always be helpful, and so is a detailed agenda for the event to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Plan a memorable press kit.

While a press release allows a journalist to easily file their article, a press kit is crucial in providing media partners with all the important information they need to know about your brand. It helps to have a creative press kit that enriches your guest’s experience and better shapes their story. For instance, you can go the extra mile by sending media members interactive press kits for online media events.

Offer creative story opportunities.

Following up with post-event releases is part and parcel of staging a media event. One way to make sure a newsworthy piece is featured is by providing creative opportunities for journalists for storytelling. These range from one-on-one interviews to exclusive sneak peeks, and interactive activities that capture press attention on the day itself.

Media events are an effective way to boost your PR campaign and maximise media exposure. Gain confidence in your event’s ability to spark meaningful conversations and impactful reach with the right PR partners. A PR firm with a trusted network of media partners and insightful experiences in communication strategy can help you craft compelling and relevant messages that capture your intended audience and strengthen your brand’s media relations.

Blue Totem Communications works with the most trusted media partners across Singapore, Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Our team of specialists can help your brand power its communication strategy and mount successful events that meet your brand’s goals. Get in touch with us at today!


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