Blue Totem Public Relations Agency

If you're searching for a public relations agency, Blue Totem is here to help. We work with you to develop a media strategy that brings together traditional public relations and digital marketing tools.

We're an integrated public relations agency that leverages marketing, with public relations, through social media and Web design. At Blue Totem, we believe in fostering positive relationships and achieve the best results through trusted partnerships built on mutual respect and commitment.

Blue Totem prides itself on providing honest, creative, and no-nonsense advice through our trusted network of affiliates. As your public relations agency, we'll work with you to define your key messages before you sit down with the press. We help you determine how to best communicate to the media.

And we develop consistent messaging throughout your online and print publications. Writing is the area where our public relations professionals spend most of the time. We help you communicate on various platforms, including social media, video, and broadcasting. As your public relations agency, we work with you to elevate your image through the media.

First, we get to know you through research to learn about your goals, products, company culture, and current reputation. We also determine what you're currently doing that works. And which areas we can develop to improve your personal and corporate image.

When you work with Blue Totem, we'll collaborate to set short-term and long-term goals. We'll develop a content strategy, including press releases, a company fact sheet, executive bios, and consistent messaging throughout your channels.

Are you searching for a reliable public relations agency? Blue Totem is here to help with both traditional public relations strategy and digital marketing tools. Get in touch today to get started.