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Content Marketing & Copywriting

Content marketing and copywriting both rely on the same thing: the right combination of words that help spur consumers to action and bring results for your brand.

Copywriting is designed to attract and persuade audiences through snappy taglines or effective website text. Meanwhile, content marketing deals with developing valuable content that engages readers, building relationships and loyalty.

Why is Content Marketing and Copywriting important for your business?

The right content or copy can help you connect with your audience, capture their attention, and deliver leads or sales for your business.

Content marketing is becoming increasingly popular among organisations across Singapore, Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region, as it helps them directly reach their customers with the content they need at the
right time. Content marketing increases brand awareness, educates potential customers, and brings additional value. Blue Totem Communications has helped numerous clients conceptualise and execute content-driven campaigns across print and digital channels. 

How can Blue Totem Communications help you with Content Marketing and Copywriting?

With the various mediums out there, different goals call for different kinds of content or copy. Blue Totem’s emphasis on marrying strategic communications with authentic storytelling means our partners reap the benefits that can only be brought by consistently strong, effective, and true-to-brand content.


  • Blog Posts

  • Opinion Pieces

  • Case Studies

  • Videos & Podcasts

  • Social Media Copy & Content

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