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PR Campaigns

A PR campaign is a mix of activities targeted at creating or increasing positive brand awareness, and is an essential part of a brand’s marketing arsenal. Using an appropriate combination of tactics – such as media and influencer relations, thought leadership, event organisation, and internal or crisis communications – brands use PR campaigns to showcase their unique voice and perspective to customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders.

How can PR campaigns help your business?

A well-planned and -executed PR campaign can go a long way for brands and companies — cutting through a cluttered space to establish brand identity and create brand awareness among the right stakeholders. 

A creative PR campaign can help elevate your brand above the noise of competitors and form the foundation for various other content and engagements over the long term. For example, an insights-driven PR campaign can yield facts and figures that the media may continue to cite in their stories for years to come.
An effective PR campaign goes beyond media coverage and can even be used to drive sales. For instance, sales and marketing departments can use the content generated from PR campaigns to meet their KPIs, such as growing their social media presence or driving lead generation. 

How can Blue Totem Communications help you with your PR efforts?

Across Asia Pacific, Blue Totem Communications has designed PR campaigns that strike a balance of both high-impact and high-mileage outcomes. We specialise in:

  • Media Relations

  • Brand and Reputation Management

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Content Copywriting & Marketing

Get in touch

Want to elevate your brand’s reputation and presence in a highly competitive business landscape through a well-curated PR campaign? Get in touch with us at to find out more!

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