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Blue Totem PR Campaigns and Influencer Relations

Most businesses can benefit from PR campaigns. These days, influencer relations also play a big part in developing a corporate image. Blue Totem helps organisations craft a compelling narrative aligned with their core values that resonate with their stakeholders.

We leverage multi channel approaches, enabling you to reach internal and external audiences. From scheduling interviews and press release placing to hosting events, our PR campaigns help move the needle.

Our social media consultancy, community management, and strategy increase your company's reach and improve its image. 

We collaborate with you to develop strategic messaging throughout a variety of platforms. These meaningful, customised approaches are at the centre of our PR campaigns. Blue Totem brings together digital marketing, influencer relations, and traditional public relations to tell your story and connect with consumers.

We will help you with product launches, influencer relations management, and community management. We'll leverage the power of influencers to promote your products and services with efficient and scalable PR campaigns. Are you ready to develop a social media influencer relations strategy? Our matchmaking influencer campaign development, management, and execution incorporate social listening, analytics, and reporting.

Get in touch with Blue Totem to start successful PR campaigns today.

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