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Influencer Marketing

Over the past decade, influencer marketing has emerged as one of the most prominent ways of driving visibility and product interest. Influencers – also known as key opinion leaders (KOLs) – typically have a large number of followers on their social media platforms (eg, Instagram, TikTok), and brands can leverage both paid and earned campaigns to reach their target consumers.

Why is influencer marketing important for your business?

Influencers typically focus on one or several specific areas of interest, such as beauty, food, travel, fitness and parenting, among others. Hence, brands have the opportunity to find influencers who are the best fit for their product or service, and reach a highly targeted audience pool.

Collaborating with the right influencers that speak to your market can help achieve the results your business needs — from driving more awareness and creating buzz around your brand, service, or product, to generating leads that can become loyal consumers.

How can Blue Totem Communications help you with influencer marketing?

Because of the ever-growing number of influencers, brands engage specific influencers according to their target audience, budget and campaign objectives (eg, driving sales or raising awareness), and even the values and topics they are most passionate about. Finding influencers who are the right fit is important, but can be overwhelming. With expertise spanning a broad spectrum of consumer segments, Blue Totem Communications develops and executes effective end-to-end campaigns for maximum reach and engagement. We specialise in:  


  • Social Media Strategy

  • Influencer Discovery and Matchmaking

  • Influencer Campaign Development, Management & Execution

  • Earned & Paid Influencer Campaigns

  • Social listening, Analytics and Reporting

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