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Gen Z in Singapore and Asia: Connecting With the New Generation of Power Consumers

Gen Z makes up 30% of Singapore's population and is predicted to represent a quarter of the Asia-Pacific population by 2025. As Gen Z gains financial independence, they are shaping their own wants and needs, distinct from other generational cohorts. Brands must pay attention to this generation and understand how to communicate effectively with them.

Gen Z refers to individuals born after 1997, who are digitally savvy, and have never known a time without the internet. They are more vocal about the issues they care about and are unafraid to share their opinions, both online and offline.

While Gen Z and millennials share some traits, their behaviours become more distinct over time, with a widening gap between them. Asia's Gen Z is motivated by different factors, according to McKinsey's six-country research, with five broad characteristics that define this group.

To connect with Gen Z, brands must invest heavily in video content as Gen Z consumes video on social platforms more than any other generation. Social media is important for Gen Z, and brands must be able to capitalize on social media trends while communicating brand values.

Communicating a balance between quality, value for money, and brand values is crucial as Gen Z is digitally literate and can research a brand or product before making a decision. Environmentally focused and ethical brands must go beyond greenwashing to communicate their values, and this comes hand-in-hand with price and quality.

How to Connect With Gen Z: Content Marketing That Wins

1. Invest heavily in video content

While millennials and Gen Z are both heavily reliant on social media, video is clearly Gen Z’s domain: Gen Z consumes video on social platforms such as YouTube or TikTok more than any other generation, which also influences their choices in brands and products.

Brands must leverage video to communicate effectively with Gen Z –– but it isn’t enough to invest in a camera and a video team. Your brand content must be authentic, informative, fun, and inspiring in order to cut through the clutter.

2. Aim for fast yet relevant social content

Almost one-third of Gen Zers in Asia-Pacific spend six hours or longer each day on their phones, considerably higher than millennials at 22% and Gen Xers at 10%. Among Gen Z, social media and digital influencers account for 50 to 60% in primary influences when it comes to making brand decisions. Brands must learn how to leverage this in their digital PR, marketing, and social media efforts.

When it comes to social content, speed and relevance count. You must be able to capitalise on social media trends, while communicating the brand values that Asia’s Gen Z love: a mixture of brand legacy, prominence, alongside a commitment to innovation and ethical sustainability.

3. Communicate a balance between quality, value for money, and brand values

With Gen Z connected to the internet and social media more than any other cohort, their high digital literacy and easy access allow them to research about a brand or product in depth before making any decision. As massive deal hunters, they are keen on brands who are competitive in quality and price, while standing for the same values that they believe in.

For example, environmentally focused and ethical brands must go beyond “greenwashing”; in short, they should be able to walk the talk. Communicate your brand’s values by investing in behind-the-scenes action: the story behind the brand, how each product is made, down to the package design.

That said, these values come hand-in-hand with price and quality. Being able to communicate this trifecta in your messaging efforts will win over the hearts of Gen Z.

In a few years, Gen Z in Singapore and Asia will mature into the next set of power consumers and primary decision-makers. Brands must craft targeted messaging and a winning content marketing strategy that resonates directly with this audience, leveraging the most relevant and trusted influencers for an effective digital PR campaign.

Blue Totem Communications proudly combines our high-value relationships with respected media partners and influencers across Singapore, Malaysia and Southeast Asia, with our know-how in crafting engagement and influencer relations for brand stories that create an impact. In tune and up to date with the savviest ways to connect with this generation of consumers, we can help you tell your messages that would strike a chord with Gen Z audiences.

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