Why Fit In When
You Were Born to Stand Out

– Dr. Seuss.
Blue Totem Communications

Blue Totem Communications brings together the best of traditional public relations and corporate communications, with cutting-edge digital marketing capabilities.

Headquartered in Singapore, we pride ourselves on providing honest, creative and no-nonsense advice and services through our trusted network of affiliate agencies.

We believe in the positive power of relationships, and that the best results come through trusted partnerships built on mutual respect and commitment.

That’s why we are Blue Totem; not only because the totem pole was one of the earliest forms of communication, but also because blue signifies the waters and skies along with sincerity and happiness – important values shared by our team and clients.

It is also the name of an evergreen tree, which stands proudly in our brand and signifies steadfastness and trust.

how we can help?
Corporate Communications
Let us create a compelling narrative that reflects your values and resonates with all stakeholders, from consumers to regulators.
Strategic Consultancy
From ideas to execution, we can help you conduct audits and hold workshops to chart future direction and fine tune your messaging.
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Digital Marketing
We combine our traditional PR know-how with a deep understanding of the full-spectrum of digital marketing solutions, spanning social media, influencer relations and content.
Media Campaign Management
By tapping into our extensive network of media contacts across our trusted affiliates, we provide comprehensive and high-profile regional campaigns.

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