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AdTech & MarTech

Advertising and marketing technology are one of the biggest drivers of today’s businesses, whether in B2B or B2C landscapes. This comes in handy, especially when it comes to reaching a  target audience precisely. These industries are constantly in flux, and measurement tools, programmatic ads, and omnichannel solutions scratch the surface of the myriad of options marketers have for their consideration.

Why are PR and integrated communications important for AdTech & MarTech?

AdTech and MarTech industries are filled with constant changes, new advances, and shifting regulations, players in these fields need to stay on top by establishing themselves as thought leaders in the space. Companies need to keep the industry updated on their latest offerings, and weigh in on the latest trends to draw attention and maintain credibility.

How can Blue Totem Communications help?

Leveraging our technical know-how, intimate understanding of the region’s marketing landscape, and our wide network of media contacts, Blue Totem Communications is equipped to help AdTech and MarTech players get in front of the decision-makers who matter the most.

Our Clients under Tech

Blue Totem’s roster of clients includes a wide range of companies making their own mark in the AdTech and MarTech landscape. These include:

  • Yahoo (formerly Verizon Media)

  • Unruly


  • Smaato

Get in touch

Want to reach a wider audience through a strategic communications campaign? Reach out at  to find out more!

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