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Deep Tech

Deep technology, or emerging or hard tech, represents a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. The landscape is hugely exciting, with real-world benefits that have the ability to impact the masses and solve the world’s toughest challenges.

Why are PR and integrated communications important for Deep Tech?

Technological breakthroughs often directly impact news cycles, and marketers and communicators working across deep tech categories need to break down technical information and showcase real-world benefits. Providing insights into how deep tech can solve today’s challenges will help build brand awareness and curiosity, and even attract potential investors.

How can Blue Totem Communications help?

Given the technical prowess required to develop and implement such solutions, PR and integrated communications campaigns can help translate complex information into messages that are more palatable for a mass audience. Leveraging the myriad of business and technology topics flowing through the newsrooms each day, Blue Totem Communications develops campaigns that cut through the noise and create genuine interest.

Get in touch

Do you work on mind-blowing deep technologies you’d like to share with the world? Get in touch with us at to see how these can be shared via an integrated PR campaign!

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