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The start-up scene in Asia Pacific is incredibly vibrant and equally competitive, and standing out from the crowd means making a concerted effort to communicate effectively to multiple stakeholders – governments, regulators, venture capitalists and accelerators, end-users and other decision makers.

Why are PR and integrated communications important for Start-Ups?

A stellar public relations strategy is crucial to every start-up. You’ll be able to build credibility, generate leads, and attract and impress investors by driving positive buzz around your start-up’s offerings right from the get-go.

How can Blue Totem Communications help?

As a challenger brand and fast-growing start-up in Asia, you will need a decisive, trustworthy and adaptable PR partner to formulate appropriate integrated communications strategies that can evolve with your business. Blue Totem Communications has helped numerous start-ups manage their communications needs, laying the foundation they need to support efforts to go from milestone to milestone at blazing speeds.

Our Clients under Start-ups

Blue Totem has worked with numerous start-up companies that seek to disrupt their landscapes and break ground with innovative solutions. Some of our clients include:

  • Choco-Up


  • WorkBuddy

Get in touch

We’re ready to help you build the next big thing. We help you get headlines and feature opportunities that boost your reputation and shape conversations that get the right eyes on your start-up. Get in touch with us at to find out more!

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