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Science & Healthcare

Healthcare and science communications represent a specialised niche in the integrated communications space. As significant scientific accomplishments and technological advancements are made each day, it’s crucial to let the public know and understand how these could affect their everyday lives.

Why is PR and integrated communications important for Science and Healthcare?

When translating research findings and breakthroughs for a general audience, the most important messages can get lost in technical jargon, nitty-gritty statistics, and advanced concepts. Delivering context, methodology, findings and practical applications in a simple and concise manner is crucial in making knowledge more accessible to the public. PR and integrated communications can help place a spotlight on the work of research centres and academic institutions so that audiences can better understand these implications on everyday life. 

How can Blue Totem Communications help?

Blue Totem Communications helps you communicate the stories that matter as we strategise and get your messages to the forefront of news cycles while bridging the gap between technical expertise and public sentiment to create PR messages and campaigns that make a lasting impact. We have a keen sense of the global media space, deftly landing stories within the right mix of news and scientific media.

We have helped science and research enterprises connect with stakeholders and create PR messages and campaigns that make an impact, specialising in the following:


  • Stakeholder communication

  • Media releases

  • Thought leadership and bylines

  • Media interviews and relations

Our clients under Science and Healthcare

Blue Totem’s clients span across brands and institutions that strive to make a meaningful social impact in their work. Our roster of clients include SMART (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s first research centre outside the United States.

Get in touch

We help you get headlines and leverage your expertise for stories that matter. Get in touch with us at to find out more!

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