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Technology lies at the heart of everything we do. As B2B or enterprise technology disrupts industries, solves significant pain points, augments operations and supercharges growth, the right communication strategies can help to amplify how they’re making a difference.

Why are PR and integrated communications important for Tech?

In the tech landscape, PR and integrated communications help firms drive public narratives, stand out from the crowd, and gain visibility from decision-makers, investors and policymakers. The technology ecosystem is tightly intertwined with new and emerging innovations, evolving regulatory frameworks and ever-changing happenings of the economy at large. Thus, developing clear, impactful, and unique messaging is crucial to pique media interest. 

How can Blue Totem Communications help?

At Blue Totem Communications, we have helped enterprise and B2B tech clients of all sizes, ranging from fresh start-up challenger brands to Fortune 500 industry titans, make an impact in their respective markets across the Asia Pacific region. 

Whether your goal is to raise awareness of new technology innovations, further entrench a current product as a leader in its category, or establish your team as thought leaders, we’ve got you covered. 

Our Clients under Tech

Blue Totem’s roster of clients includes a wide range of companies making their own mark in the tech landscape. These include:

  • Yahoo

  • Choco-Up

  • General Assembly

  • Smaato

  • Unruly

Get in touch

We help you get headlines and leverage your expertise for stories that matter. Get in touch with us at to find out more!

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